Founded in 1988, Concrete Impressions of Florida lnc., has manufactured in excess of 16,500,000 square feet of sound barrier walls installed. Or are currently in progress throughout the State of Florida. Utilizing a patented system where designs of the customer’s choice can be “impressed” into the concrete during casting. This enables simultaneous placement of the same or different designs on each side of the wall.

We currently have strategically located manufacturing plants in DeLand, Pompano Beach, Lakeland, and Tampa, Florida to meet your shipping and logistical needs timely. As well as, cost effectually.

In 2003, Concrete Impressions of Florida, Inc. started offering the option of installation of wall systems to the General Contractors. More than a majority of our projects now include installation. Our bid prices will include the preparation of signed and seated shop drawings. Also, design calculations for the sound wall products.

In addition, our staff is the best in the business, ensuring that all documents and records are completed efficiently. EEO documentation, certified payrolls, FDOT required forms, certificated of insurance, sublet information, and lien releases are all completed and submitted in a timely manner. Their proficiency in this area provides one less worry to the Prime Contractors. Subcontractor and vendor invoices are paid accurately and timely. We pride ourselves in our reputation for payment to subs and vendors.

Our Commitment

The corporate philosophy of Concrete Impressions of Florida, Inc. (CIF) is one of partnership. As part of your construction team we ensure construction success through a commitment to quality. As well as, high standards of customer satisfaction.

A major key to construction involving residential dwellings and temporary traffic patterns is faster project turnaround. Furthermore, a minimal amount of construction debris and noise. Concrete Impression’s ability to provide an innovative and revolutionary fast-track construction system. That ensures you, our client team member, the absolute quickest way to install durable, economic, aesthetic soundwalls. These installations provide maximum noise attenuation and the least amount of disruption during the construction cycle.

The Soundwall Panel System, a two-sided textured panel system, is designed to meet even the most demanding construction schedules. Produced at one of the three Florida manufacturing. CIF Soundwall has been used to service the aggressive construction requirements of the Florida Departments of Transportation.

Our ongoing research and development efforts ensure the most innovative construction solutions available.