From the top down, no other group can offer the level of experience in the fields of engineering, precast concrete manufacturing, DOT construction and soundwall installation than Concrete Impressions. From its founder and CEO, George Southworth with 40+ years of Structural Engineering experience. To its Vice President, Joseph Zachara with 30+ years in the DOT Soundwall industry. All 3 of the precast production managers have managed. And completed difficult projects with an array of obstacles to overcome. In addition, our project management team will ensure that your project runs smoothly by providing the Contractor, You, with the ability to overcome any challenges that may be encountered on the project site. This is based on experience and knowledge gained from the completion of a multitude of complicated projects. Let our team help you move toward a successful project.

DOT Experience:

Dealing with the department can be a complicated experience. Let Concrete Impressions simplify this process for you. With years of DOT record keeping experience and knowledge of design standards. CIF has gained a favorable and valuable relationship with the State and its districts. You can be rest assured that CIF will meet and exceed all DOT standards. As well as, give you a product that both the contractor and the State will be happy with.